Solo Pájaros: “Birds Die, You Remember the Flight!”

From the depths of the heart, with brutal honesty, comes the sound of this volatile band. Inspired by the sublime flight of the bird, the music of “Solo Pájaros” brings to the stage the powerful joy of living. Their lyrics describe the sadness that often haunts the human walk with the desire to turn it into poetry capable of raising wings in every curious listener. If we were to let his music be carried away by the wind, it would have no certain whereabouts, but would travel without a flight plan, trying to reach all the places in the world. It would treat the small as something big. The darkness of the moon as the brightness of the sun. And the inevitable death as a flash of life.

Initially three of the band members (Trini, Alex and Jan) started playing at the beginning of 2014. Singing in constant movement in the trains of Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona. Two years later two new important musicians (Antonella and Uaio) joined the band. From there the constellation that nowadays conforms the band would be aligned. Two women and three men. Five musicians. Three strings. Two percussions. And five voices.

They give their musical support in various solidarity events. They toured festivals in Hungary and Germany. In the middle of 2016 Trini and Alex leave the band and two new members join; Sebastián Yaniez first playing electric guitar and charango. A year later Sebastián Rosales joins on drums, where the band changes the sound of the cajon for that of a drum kit. They record and mix their songs between the walls of their rooms. They film their own video clips. They write their own songs. They are not afraid to feel the fall in order to find the flight.

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