Fishbones & a Variety of Ideas

and the night dawns upon us

catches us shelterless / and with trembling hearts

rumbling , flowing , blinding our eyes

curtain of life / blood of my blood


the dew of yours, settles in / inside my lungs

and every breath of mine soak in / become your child 

a howl , most silently builds up and turns down on me 

/ sits transparently

between the sermon of he holy

and the cry of the loony


get down and down and down

keen to the heart and chin to the chest

maybe the last feeling of any weight / and a glimpse of your feet

all you’ve ever had / one you’d never get

Is there a postponement for eternity ?


Since there IS , is there any other attribution to it other than infinite ? What does limited mean other than limitless ? Can something limited really emphasize something other than what is limitless ?

Is there really any other possibility other than all the possibilities ?  What does the possibility of eternal nothing at the end mean for the ongoing now ? if eternal nothing really is then how can it be “later” ?

How can eternal nothing “come” “later” ? If it is here, now then what is this ?  

there is and there isn’t. Are there any doubts that there IS ? Can there really be any doubt on there IS ? 

 No. There can’t be any doubt that there is.          

Here are some flying fish-bones.