KIWINA Production // at the intersection of Sound and Visual

Three years ago, a few friends in Ankara could not fit into the house they were living in back then and then they started to search for a new space. Being aware of the beauty of collective production, these friends, who have already done amazing works, called themselves “Kiwina”.

Kiwina is a mixed workshop, its door is open to anyone who wants to produce. The range of materials and production tools is wide, but still run by people who are more into digital workshops than traditional workshops. Stages are set up for online concerts, shows and programs are being recorded and projection mapping works are carried out. They are being consulted for technical support by productive artists who wish to share their works. Most recently, at “Art Ankara”, they were demonstrating their digital and computer-aided works and the potential of these works to Ankara art community, as you would remember, we had a little getaway to Art Ankara in the last issue.

What else is going on in their workshop? They made us such a beautiful video for us to get to know them better. Be sure to watch, because our relationship with them will continue for a veeery long time.