a Quarantine Production: Birth

Su Aközlü

As human beings, our consciousness has been in constant change since our birth and has never been fixed. Every living thing in nature experiences conscious and cognitive changes depending on internal and external factors and reacts to the outside world accordingly.

Since we live in society, the concept of mask reflects the effects of our individuality on us and on those around us. It has emerged from our consideration of our effects on things. We may not be able to reflect our feelings all the time and act in line with our wishes. 

We wear masks when communicating with the outer world. This consciousness is in constant transformation and renewal with several changes in our society and social life. Every change can be understood as being born into a new consciousness. But these births are usually too small for us to notice instantaneously. They grow together over time and form a pattern. When we look at it detailed, we can observe the difference.

Our character, whom we hardly see throughout the film, is overwhelmed by the abstract and concrete masks in society. Although the antivirus mask he wears when he goes out helps him hide some facial expressions, he is quite overwhelmed by not being able to breathe properly. Simultaneously, he wears an abstract mask that is not just about mimics, which he is most overwhelmed by it.

The abstract and concrete masks our character wears overwhelms him. He realizes that the reason for these masks is not to live in nature, but to live in the city. There are no humans in nature, no viruses, no masks to wear. Realizing this, our character experiences a great inner distress and every moment he stays in the city begins to feel like torture to him.

In this part, the crisis has come to an end and the explosion, in other words, the escape has started. Approximately 1-minute story of escape from the city. 200 bpm dark and fast-paced music with a very fast tempo playing in the background.

The stress, anxiety, and all the chaos in our character’s head, -whose escape is over and reaches nature- has come to an end. Unlike other scenes, the tempo of this scene is very calm and peaceful. The audience takes a stroll through nature. Our character, who gets rid of his mask and returns to his essence, gets caught up in the flow for a while and becomes just an observer. 

The audience also becomes the witness of this observation.