How Allah, AI & I Made A Comic Book This Summer

So this summer, I made a comic book with Allah and the AI. Let me explain. Allah is the Arabic word for god, but because of the way the Islamic faith is structured; it’s most often used in reference to the one true God of the Abrahamic religions, rather than referring to any other deity

Doğu Topaçlıoğlu // Appropriation

Doğu Topaçlıoğlu’s exhibition ‘’Appropriation’’ will be held in Ka between 15-22 February. The exhibition consists of sonic arrangements and aims to present an alternative perception of plasticity. The artist works on the sound’s ability to make objective and situational changes in ontological state of the object; while creating relations between psycho-acoustic possibilities, sculpture and drawing.

A Surreal Journey from Taipei to Berlin with Denny Yang: Layer by Layer

As a migrant artist, can you explain how migrating from Taipei to Berlin affected your art? What kind


Darker, harder, deeper: KOR

There is a cliché we hear all the time: Berlin’s music is techno. We have heard it in various forms. As a techno veteran, producer, and DJ, do you think techno music somehow captures the social reality in Berlin and the emotions it provokes? Moreover, what do you think about the relationship between the city

From Line to Dimension // Tolga Ateş

Hello Tolga, first of all, do you have a name for the work you do? Did you put names to them?  These are the products of my perspective, which can be called the expression of my mood when I sit to work on my computer at that moment.  You usually work with abstract ideas, what

Shuttle of Ayrancı-Neukölln: A mini Story Series by Tevfik Hürkan Urhan

Shuttle of Ayrancı-Neukölln  Part I What is next now? The university years that seemed like they would never

The Techno Youth of Istanbul at Berlin Techno Scene: Vast Perception & COUP

Recently, we see that two collectives from Istanbul are opening up more and more space for themselves in the techno scene of Berlin. We had a pleasant interview with Umur from ‘Vast Perception’ and Berkay from ‘COUP’ on their journey. Here we go: How would you introduce the “VAST Perception” and “COUP” projects to someone

Aligning with the Circle – Ayşe Yayla

What is a circle? This is a multi-layered question, there are many kinds of circles, and from the point of view, every relationship in life, birth-death-birth, is also a circle. It would be more appropriate for me to answer this with a piece from dear Filiz Telek’s book about the circle where I did my

HAFTW’s Summer of Gigs

The summer of Her Absence Fill the World was an interesting one. The band; which were featured in

If I was a Human Being

With a track by /KU8I/, accompanied by dance choreography by Sascha Kimel, and audio-reactive videography by Baris Pekcagliyan,  the piece stresses existential myths alongside a dark-rhythmic groove.

ERKEKLER // the Carnist Method of Art-Making

So me and my friends made a short film. In total, it took about fifty-five days of pre-production,

İsmail Türküsev and a Quick Guideline of Comedy

We’re at İsmail’s place in Moda. The month of June is about to be over. Istanbul has surrendered to its swampy heat. The night before, we’ve watched Euro 2020’s best night of football with İsmail. One hour later, İsmail will leave the house and go to the shooting of the podcast he does for Socrates

KIWINA Production // at the intersection of Sound and Visual

Three years ago, a few friends in Ankara could not fit into the house they were living in back then and then they started to search for a new space. Being aware of the beauty of collective production, these friends, who have already done amazing works, called themselves “Kiwina”. Kiwina is a mixed workshop, its


Portrait of a Paintress from Paris to Berlin: Feryel Atek

Feryel Atek Can you describe the main components of the aesthetics you have been constructing through your painting? What kinds of artistic, cultural, and social inputs have fed your style so far? I  like to create an organic body of colors and shapes animated through dynamical, impulsive movements and more graphical, fine gestures. This body


Digital Art Revolution: Balkan Karışman on NFTs

How would you describe your work to someone who is not familiar? By using real images and manipulating them, I produce a kind of work called “generative video art”. This approach, also called “Generative”, enables random selections from infinite results. In this way, I can reach the final state of the work by screening, which

Her Absence Fill the World – EP Launch (Gazino Berlin Session)

After releasing our EP “Part-Time Punk” on Detriti Records, we feel more motivated than ever to play our music, make new tunes, and vibe with you people. So, we would like to have a tiny session with you to celebrate our EP. While hoping to play for you in smokey, trashy bars and clubs, this

Magnus Krüger: Revisiting East Berlin Aesthetics through Painting

As an artist who grew up in Berlin, how would you describe the aesthetics between the city and your works? The aesthetic relationship between me and Berlin is clearly visible in my work. I myself grew up on the 11th floor of a WBS 70 prefab building in Marzahn, the eastern part of the city.


Solo Pájaros: “Birds Die, You Remember the Flight!”

From the depths of the heart, with brutal honesty, comes the sound of this volatile band. Inspired by the sublime flight of the bird, the music of “Solo Pájaros” brings to the stage the powerful joy of living. Their lyrics describe the sadness that often haunts the human walk with the desire to turn it

a Lyric for Dreams

Dreams… Our stories, encrypted in our own language, eternal. They are the raw materials and places where symbols,

Let’s Go to Cappadocia: Hamleci Mansion, its History, Evolution and Influence

If Ayrancı is a shining spot on our inner world maps, Hamleci Mansion in Ürgüp is one of these luminous spots. For many of us, all these spots are the places where the feeling of being a community and the taste of being together penetrate our minds and hearts. While these vibes are transformed into

Language of Stones

Naomi Takaki One day, while hiking in the Alps I began to notice the stones beneath my feet. 


MOKOROS: a Social Initiative in the Field of Education

How would you introduce this project to someone who is not yet aware of the Mokoros Project? Mokoros

Babylon Urban Gardens

What do you mean by “urban gardening”? When we say urban gardening, we mean exactly what is said. What we understand from words. The combination of urban and gardening. Although urban gardening seems to be a recently popular concept, its history goes back a long way. Hanging Gardens of Babylon can be considered an important

Fishbones & a Variety of Ideas

and the night dawns upon us catches us shelterless / and with trembling hearts rumbling , flowing , blinding our eyes curtain of life / blood of my blood  / the dew of yours, settles in / inside my lungs and every breath of mine soak in / become your child  a howl , most

Her Absence Fill the World – Inside, Outside

It is a rebel. It is a crisis. It is a sad resistance. KUBI Can you describe the main components of your aesthetics you have been constructing through your music? What kind of artistic, cultural, and social inputs have fed your music so far and constructed “Her Absence Fiil the World”? Kubi: For me, “Her

Permaculture: a Pathway to a Sustainable Future

Permaculture is a word we’ve heard a lot lately. How would you describe permaculture to someone who is

ZAMANALTI: a podcast theatre

I can’t write dialogue without hearing it first. I’ll cop to that right here and now.  But to be fair, I can’t make dialogue without hearing it first either. I don’t know what it means to write. I’ve started identifying myself as a writer way before I understood what writing means. Many sharp and clever

textum Magazine

https://textumdergi.net How would you introduce textum Magazine to someone who doesn’t know yet? In order to address the


How would you introduce this project to someone who is not yet aware of the / NCOUNTERS /

a Quarantine Production: Birth

Su Aközlü As human beings, our consciousness has been in constant change since our birth and has never been fixed. Every living thing in nature experiences conscious and cognitive changes depending on internal and external factors and reacts to the outside world accordingly. Since we live in society, the concept of mask reflects the effects



Tevfik Hürkan Urhan Chapter 1  Korhan was looking out of his window. His house had a position for

Fuck the Shame Away!

Fuck The Shame Away2020 Menstrual blood on paper The name speaks for itself and should be taken literally.


Forgotton by the Day by Barış Pekçağlıyan

Forgotten by the Day is a series formed by questioning the idea of identity in the mind between the mental states of dreams, and waking life. Mostly formed by portraits inspired by dream characters, it is a visual journey that explores these characters through personal experiences, by observing dreams of the self and the others,